Project STAND

Project STAND is a radical grassroots archival consortial project between colleges and universities around the country. We have created a centralized digital space highlighting analog and digital collections emphasizing student activism in marginalized communities. Project STAND aims to foster ethical documentation of contemporary and past social justice movements in underdocumented student populations. Project STAND advocates for centering student-driven collections by collaborating with student organizers. We also work with educators to provide pedagogical support; creating digital resources; and hosting workshops and forums. We facilitate the building of sustainable relationships with student organizers and their communities leading to inclusive physical and digital spaces of accountability, diversity, and equity.


Penn State University: Educational Activism Archive


OU Libraries joins Project STAND to showcase student activism, celebrate Black History Month

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The Academic Archivist

UC San Diego Library Joins Project STAND: Archiving Student Activism at Universities and Colleges across the Nation


Black Campus Movement Collection Development Initiative @ Kent State

From 1965-1972, academic institutions were deluged with demands for increasing black faculty hires, developing black studies programs/departments, and increasing the number of black student admissions, these national efforts were collectively known as the Black Campus Movement (BCM). One of the goals of the Department of Special Collections and Archives is to highlight the importance of preserving historic records regarding underrepresented groups from the Kent State community.

The Black Campus Movement Project (1960s-1970s) seeks to collect pertinent records on the role of the BCM at Kent State University.

Project has collected several videotaped oral histories.

Project Highlight (raw footage excerpt)

McElrath archives bound for KSU

“For nearly 50 years, Beatrice Mitchell has been working to improve living conditions in the McElrath neighborhood in Ravenna Township, carefully documenting everything the McElrath Improvement Corporation did over the years. “

The collection will be housed in the Department of Special Collections and Archives at the libraries. Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, university archivist, thanked Mitchell for being a “steward” of the archives over the decades.

Lafayette Tolliver: Rehashing and Recording History

“Almost 50 years later Tolliver’s works get inducted into the University Special Archives with the help of university archivist Lae’l Hughes-Watkins. Watkins, who worked with Tolliver extensively to get his collection of photos into the archives, said Tolliver’s works were the first collection of its kind that documented black student life to this magnitude.”